Foundation Repair

Secure your foundation against further damage

If your home's foundation has been unprotected against water, there is a good chance it has cracks that can be dangerous. We specialize in repairing this damage so your home's foundation can be solid for decades to come. You'll even get a warranty on it.

Concrete can't beat water

But you can give it a helping hand with our foundation re-enforcement system. A mesh epoxy system stronger than steel, your foundation will win the fight.

It really works

  • Crack repairs that last
  • Re-enforcements stronger than steel
  • Waterproof epoxy
  • Time and cost saving installations

Your home can beat the rain and humidity

When you combine our foundation repairs and re-enforcement systems with our waterproofing measures and humidity control, your home will stand up to water.

Can you avoid unsightly steel beams?

Protect your home against water damage before it becomes a huge expense to fix the damage.

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